Sunday, April 11, 2010

His new neighbor was an incredibly beautiful lady with aphrodisiac characters for any men to melt on her way. She must have been in her thirties, probably a divorcee living with her 4 year old son. She carried an expression of hollowness and rather incomplete in her life. He helped her carrying the things on the day she joined him as a neighbor. He introduced himself and pointed his door next to her.

Ever since he met this lady there was something he wanted to know about her. She would look at him with her playful eyes which craved him for inculpable desires of lecherousness and lust. The faired skin and curvaceous body was a key to discover within his hormones only to clog up his mind. As much as he peeped her walk in the corridor she was doing the same to him.

One Sunday afternoon he was washing his car when he noticed she was watching him from her flat. He stopped washing the car as his boxer-short seemed too short to cover his groin. On the pretext of fetching water he rushed to his apartment feeling tensed and nervous. Lying on the couch he had to answer many questions and contrive what he had to do. His autonomic nerves worked very fast leaving him gasped and with an unusual adeptness of want he was knocking her door.

As she opened the door, the aroma of perfume triggered his nose. Her hairs were fallen over the shoulder blades with a towel and hair dryer in her hands. A collarless threaded vest stripped from her arms giving way to a perfect waist. A halter cut-out mini dress was fitted in to her shapes with knees and legs perfectly balanced to his eyes. Her hands gripped his arm and shoved him inside her room.

"You are very late" was what she said as she started swooping him to her bed.

Urgent official notice had Rabgyal fly from Embassy abroad. He did not call home planning for a surprise. He missed his family so much and decided not to announce his journey. The car broke down from airport and reached home very late.

At home Rabgyal was glad they were not in bed. He kissed his son and wife. Handing over the gift to his son he asked him how he had spent his day. He went out with his friends since morning and complained he was hungry. He said he did not have lunch.

"I came for the lunch but I saw mother with Uncle who lives next door. They were in the bedroom....."

"Stop" Rabgyal ejaculated.

He sent his son to another room, put on the stereo to the maximum power, stripped his wife naked and slashed her with the belt until she pleaded for her life. The wife was lucky Rabgyal did not take out his revolver but warned her if she repeated again it would be a double shooting spree. To Rabgyal his son was an apparent savior of marriage from his mother's traitorous acts. Disgusted he held his son tight and thanked for coming to his world.


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