Earthquake Anytime

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bhutan could be sitting on a ticking bomb, reads yesterday’s paper mystifying Bhutanese to experience major earthquake any minute or after 100 years. I am worried especially when it says the magnitude expecting higher than ever before. Many lives will be lost and those survived will live with traumatic minds not to mention the damages of infrastructure in the country. I am more worried on the time and its unpredictability of occurrences. It says sooner the better which means of lesser magnitude in the Richter scale. Sooner or later is a tickling question we must comprehend and not to wait for both.

Earthquake to my conscience is a manifestation of death. As much as the truth of our lives unguaranteed to live the next minute, earthquake is going to hit us same. And as much as we prepare to live for next 100 years it does have the mitigation measures to put in place. It is sad to note we are unprepared. Aftermath of earthquake will not be same from a normal death. We need government’s efforts in two-pronged strategies to place the mitigation measures and creating public education for awakened citizenry before experiencing the worst.

Bomb really ticks to explode anytime now. If we escape in our time, we cannot be complacent to our future generation. Population by then will increase and many new costly infrastructure will be lost. It is then our children are at stake and nation as whole.

Sooner or later, it is time to worry and prepare for the worst. It is only timely now.


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