A Soap

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We became friends in our last refreshers course. It was conducted in Wangdue. He is a driver from one of the Dzongkhags. We shared a twin bedded room and exchanged our contact numbers. He started taking out the things from his bag. There was a bulky photo album and few pieces of Lux soaps. I caught hold of the photo album, started flipping the pages and when I asked who she was, he had an hour long to tell me the story.

They met in the bus while travelling to the school. He helped her carry the luggage till her hostel. The joy of seeing her wooden bed was very strong. He assisted her for the admission formalities and before the real session began they fell in love. The description of every moment shared with her was shown in his face and he had cherished them like it had happened in the recent past. My heart went out to him but on the other hand I felt uncomfortable, inept and clumsy. I could just deduct they were madly in love.

He flunked from class VIII and from thereon he did not have the slightest idea where she was. He told me he still had all the letters sent by her. Although he heard her marriage with another man he moved on with his life. He never regretted his love and what he told next shocked me a life out of me. He said that he remembers her through the soap. Lux was her favorite soap and when she wrote in the next reply he promised he would remember her through the soap. Since then he was using the similar soap like she did.

Love really made them eccentric. I was in a circumstance who could not wish them the luck.

After the training he left to his work station towards east. I have invited him to stay in my place while on tour to Thimphu.

At home when my wife was in the kitchen preparing tea, I searched the drawers. I had overlooked which brand of soap I used so far. I felt stupid.

Inside the drawer was a stock of Lux to last a month.


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