Life With Wife

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last night my wife was missing. She told me she was going out with her friends. I slept early suffering from flu. I left my attic door open to let her in without disturbing me. When I woke up the sun was already up. I saw the bed empty and door flung open. My fever had subsided and I got to prepare breakfast. All the buckets were empty and I needed to fetch water. Before going out I wanted to call her number and when I did she was unreachable.

I avoided the neighbours at the water tap. They had gossiped so much that I was working hard and had pampered my jobless wife. As if they had to feed my wife they had called her as the lazy fox. Some wished they should have married her to teach her the lessons. Some thought I was a hand pecked husband.

I met my wife during vegetable shopping. I told my friend she was pretty and before I gathered the thoughts he went to her and passed the message. He had brought her number and few sms and calls later she came to my place. We were formally not married but I considered her as my wife. It was easy for us.

I told her in one of our arguments that she had come as an incentive of buying few kilos of potatoes from vegetable market. She got angry, abused me with her nonstop blabbering and attempted to implant few scars below my eyes. My long hands caught her hands and were just on time to block those paws. Had she succeeded I would have to write a letter asking few days leave from office. It was very close anyway. I slapped her hard and shouted never to raise her hands. I told her to get out of my attic to a place I had seen her in vegetable market. I wanted to go back to that day and never wanted to look at her. My friend would not have gone to her and brought me the number. I would have saved few hundreds from voucher and also my precious time.

When I was back from office, I saw her watching my 14 inched colour TV. She looked pale. I checked the kitchen and she had not taken anything. I bought two packets of koka noodle, prepared it and kept it in her front in complete silence. She pretended she had not seen it. I got into my bedroom to change my dress. When I joined few minutes later she was in kitchen doing the dishes. I sat in her place and was about to swap the channel when she brought me the remaining noodles and kept it in front of me. I pretended I had not seen it but eventually I had to take it. It must have pleased her since she did not mind watching goals in ESPN with me.

That night she was into deep sleep. I got up and simply stared at her. I thought whatever you did to me; you would still remain as my wife. I felt sorry for the morning slap. I promised I would not repeat again.

She was not looking beautiful with those curly hairs but still she was an angel to me. Her life depended on me and my life would not be complete without a wife. I wanted to kiss her but since I had not done this before, I was scared. What if she opened her eyes and asked me the sudden behavioural change in romancing? I would be blushed but had I kissed her and had she asked me anything, I would have hugged her and told her I loved her.

Wherever she went last night I would pardon her. When she was ready to spare her life to a driver like me it would not be a big sacrifice forgiving her. But definitely I wanted to ask her where she went.

Keeping fingers crossed she went to attend the last rites of a distant neighbour.


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