Fate In Fangs

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sedey at 18 was living with HIV/AIDS. She was born to a single parent and never knew about her father. It happened during one of his official visits to a remote eastern village where he lured her mother for a momentary bliss. The natural hardship of poverty provoked to leave her ailing mother seeking greener pasture in town falling victim to the hungry desires of men.

There was the recurring vex of dreams disturbing Dorji, 40 for many nights. He often dreamt of a pregnant woman motioning her hands to come near to her. He recognized the woman and felt pang of guilt for ignoring her and being irresponsible father to his unborn child. He summoned the courage to visit the place and meet his child. So he began his journey from capital via Phuentsholing.

In Phuentsholing, the malaise and uneasiness thoughts left him upon seeing a beautiful girl ready to share his bed. The very character of showing counterfeit emotions ruined many lives of women and girls. His crooked nature cost his matrimonial life and the crook never got partner to claim his wife.

Devil let loose seeing the young girl. Without contraceptive, he surrendered to the night.

At dawn, he asked about her only to learn she was Sedey, his daughter. He knew he had to discontinue the journey.

As much as he did not tell her the truth, she did not tell her disease too. Fate laid its cruelest hands determining them to take their secrets to grave.


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