Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eyes come in different forms. Some do not function and they are considered as blind. I will not talk of blind eyes since I have lots of respects for them. Even if I attempt to write on them I may not do justice and my heart simply breaks to pieces. Let me personify as the normal eyes to the normal people.

I let them see the world.

Their first sight of love starts from me. And when they do it they strain me too much like a cow stretching its neck for the spring leaves. They wish I belong to an owl so that I can rotate all round but they do not know my oculi has fixed hinges. I see them happy for few days until they see other partners. And still they prefer it is their first love. It is the truth only I know and they strain me further.

They read books through me. In exams I am stressed harder until I force them to retire their day because I know their brains do not have further capacity to take any. Some read to please their parents but it does not please me and I age before time. I feel like popping out from the sockets and stroll out and hide in the green lushes. Yet they strain me further. And when they fail I simply laugh. I see their noses of any shapes standing below me. I spit on them and when they shed the tears it is no other than me spewing on them.

I hate housewives. They keep me glued to the idiot boxes. I know they are the fans of Indian soaps but I wish to see some other channels too. When husbands argue for changing channels I get delighted over their little argument. And for some moment I am relieved. Although I do not want them to quarrel over anything yet some quarrel of this kind is worth refreshing myself.

I also reside on some temperamental people. They are hurt. They are angry. They are jealousy. I do not care their reasons but I want to shout at them. No one knows that when they lose their tempers I also get hurt. I feel pain in my nerves and when blood rushes all over me they look odd. No one looks good when I become red. Sometimes I choose to redden myself and let them look ugly. Why do I have to pay the price of their changing moods?

I am the happiest when they smile. And when they smile I relax myself and adjust to come in my best attire. I do not ask its reward except wish them they smile every time. I play with my species when I meet others smiling too. We talk of their surliness and we learn much of their days are wasted on unwarranted reasons killing us.

A little happiness on the faces is what I pray for.

Therefore, whoever reads this please remember I become the victim of your moods. Smile and keep me happy forever.

I promise to keep seeing you the beautiful world. Ever and eternally.


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