I Promise My Dear

Friday, April 16, 2010

I was a lonely man until I came by you. I saw you in the store on my way to town. The colorful lightings in the store brightened my heart only to melt away seeing you emitting your lustrous beauty. I ran to my friend and talked about you. He knew I wanted you dearly and he promised to help me getting you. After you came to my life, I thanked and promised him I would never leave you, ever. I knew you even thanked him though you did not tell me, you never told me those but I loved you for that.

I never used to listen to music and I never sang even in bathroom. My voice croaked like a frog searching the mate. Music was not my hobby dear but you made me listen to it. You were tough but it came so easily with your contagious love. You explored and brought out a singing talent in me, how you knew me dear. You made me sleep with music and wake up with music. I was angry at you for teaching me to sing. To you everything was music. I wanted you to teach me different but you never did.

Why you left me is still mystery to me even after 12 years. I tried my best to take you to different specialist but everyone told me it was time for you to rest in peace. I cried for several nights and my heart aches when I remember you often. You knew I would be lonely and so you taught me to sing and turn my hobby to music. I am sorry I showed anger at you, if only I had known you taught me the biggest companion to live during my difficult times. You are right dear. With music I am complete and with music I am never sad. And in music you live my life. Thank you very much.

I have passed the same store I saw you first. The store has grown big but it is cold without you. I went inside to search your soul. Frankly dear I saw many alike you but not you. They told me once gone never comes, they were rude, I hated them with my heart. I came back feeling lonely but as soon as I sang the songs I was a normal man. It is sad I will never see you again. It is difficult for me to say but dear they have gone crazy to replace you with MP4. I will never bring anything in your place, I promise my dear.

P.S.: Ode to my first Walkman CD.


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