She Loves Me: I Love Her Mother

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yangchen is 22 years old. Ever since she came back from her studies abroad she kept on telling she loves me. Her life never starts without saying beautiful things about me. I tell her to stop her behavior when she calls me when I am in middle of the meetings. So stubborn is she that if I do not pick up her phone she will sms texts to me showering lots of love. A fine young woman who is well educated and brought up in a decent family must be enjoying with her age rather than nagging a 50 year old man like me.

My wife is an empathizing lady who knows me very well. Many times she saw Yangchen's sms texts in my phone and she has nothing to say except shake her head with a wonderful smile on her face. I am not a social animal and I rarely go out. My wife knows about Yangchen and I was simply shocked when she told me to go out with her. The thought of buying Yangchen a dinner has occurred several times in my mind but I felt a consternation of fear to my wife. I have not gone out with my wife and bought her a pizza in my life. And when my wife tells me to take her out, my antisocial demeanor leaves me instantly and I was dining with Yangchen in the finest hotels in town. Over the dinner I have seen how happy Yangchen was and she expressed the deference to my wife.

She reminded me of coming Losar and asked me if I have any plans. Before I cerebrate the thoughts she was already making the plans. Her plan is beautiful. I was sad why I did not take my family for a picnic. I have always given importance to the office works even on holydays ignoring my family. And as if she understood my works she never asks her share. That made me love her more. I would not have been in the current post if I do not have a wife like her. For 30 years she remained as my faithful wife. On the wedding night she promised to love me all through her life and she has committed the promise from her heart.

"Dad, what are you thinking?" my daughter brought me to sense. She saw the tears in my eyes and understood how much I love her mother.


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