Thursday, April 22, 2010

Momo is a famous snack to all the people. Students spend much of their pocket money on it, bus passengers refresh themselves from a long journey, and young couples make a date over it. Some families have it at home while some prefer at hotels. Momo is a special lump of dough enjoyed by many.

I do not know the history of momo and I am not interested to know its recipe either. To me it occurred there are only two momos in hotels, pork momo and beef momo. I cannot remember the entrance of cheese momo. Or was it there before?

Ever since my wife orders cheese momo I felt she was cheated. Once in the order book I wrote: 2 plates of beef momo and 2 plates of vegetable momo. They got our order but I was already thinking of another name. In next hotel when I asked for the peyas momo, she looked at me surprised. Was there any need to get surprised? I told her the truth; her cheese momo is full of onions and not a stint of cheese. I would call it a day light robbery deceiving customers by its name.

I have no comments on shape. Momos come in two shapes, a sleeping shape and a sitting shape. I like sitting momo but some designers look like they are over the toilet pots. But have to be careful with the sleeping shape which has every chance to look like a woman’s ........ Anyway it needs to close the ends properly and don’t let it tear.

I am sceptical of their numbers. A plate of momo has five pieces. I would prefer at least eight. Five never fills me and two plates come expensive. Why has it to be in odd? Haven’t we heard the story of two friends sharing a plate of momo and their embarrassment to pick the last?

Well, finally the size. The size of the momo is fluctuating. As I grow older I have noticed the size of the momo diminishing. It has started to look odd with 5 little momos in a big plate. Imagine a huge man with a plate of momo in his front. I would laugh my heart out.

I was with my friends in a restaurant when we ordered momos. As soon as the momos reached our table, I cleared my throat and told my friends that one day we will simply get the empty plates and there would be no momos at all. A friend who already took piece in his mouth threw it out. I heard the applause from other tables too.


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sancha rai said...

Thats exactly true...well said

Riku said...

Never imagined that someone, who I know, had written such an interesting story on momo. Truly hilarious!


Hilarious but so true!

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