Sunday, April 11, 2010

I never plan my life and I never have an ambition. Following the instructions of my heart I have reached half the lifespan. I do wish another fruitful and healthy remaining years but if any malignant sickness has to take over then I may be granted to leave little earlier from here. I wish to plan my life if I am considered to live till 70 with vigor and energy. Like any humble civil servant I want to superannuate after 33 years of serving my country, my people and my king. I have nothing to ask for except few decimals of land in southern belt. This plot of land is for my girl who made an entrant to my heart when we were in high school in mid nineties.

We will be old, bent, and wrinkled. But our hearts will be young, generous, healthy and lots of love. We will love each other like Allie and Noah of Nicholas Sparks's creation,The Notebook. I will build a bungalow with backyard behind and green lush of lawn in the front. Our farmhouse will consist of lawn with artificial pond or creek, a stable, small chicken coop and cowshed with a wooden gate displaying an address of us with lamp posts bordering an iron angle fence.

Without waking up my Allie I will plant a kiss on her cheek, put on the denim dungaree, high boot, cow boy hat and move out to stables and cow sheds for the morning chores. After I m done with work I will take shower and join my Allie who will be by then ready with delicious breakfast in the lawn. Breakfast will consist of honey, mango juice, bread and butter. She will be on lens and will look at me over the morning paper admiring my wet hair and tanned body as I approach towards her. Another kiss in her cheek, she will pass me the paper and soon we will be on our regular giggles and titters of conversation over the breakfast.

Morning will be spent making round of the farm house. I may have to check our second-hand tractor in case I need to fetch grass for goats and calves.
I will join her preparing the lunch or we may go to town to our favorite hotel and dine with the latest wine.

As the sun sets down we will make another round and check our animals retiring their day. When we are done we will sit in the lawn or in the porch and enjoy coffee embracing by the serenic nature. We will read each other the poems and stories and may also have to include reciting prayers for we are the old couple then.

And as we pass our evenings like this, we will wish to see the gust of sand from the distant meandering of village road, expecting our kids and their kids to visit us. Even if they don't we will gaze on their photos displayed all over our drawing room and withdraw to our bed for yet another beautiful night.


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