Water-My Saviour

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I woke up and began a normal schedule of my life. I thought I was dying in the middle of the night. Everything was normal till I went to bed yesterday. I finished some official papers, replied mails and cooked porridge for myself. I was alone since my family had gone to our native place. I am alive today because of my saviour which I had failed to realise all these years.

After quick dinner, I began prostration of 108 times which I do every night. Doctors had advised me for light exercise and to take regular walks. I substituted it by prostration to save going out in the chilly winter. I had to monitor my high blood pressure and keep it in the safe ranges which otherwise would cause me heart attack anytime.

It was quarter to midnight when I felt rumble in my chest. There was a sudden shift in the heart which sprung my body almost two feet high. I heard gushing sound from the nose, tongue went dry, eyes closed, hand in the chest; I started feeling very light and everything became dark. There was no sound, no light and no air. I needed air. If only I could open the window the cold air might force me to breathe. I felt my legs go numb as I was gasping for air.

Seeking the only chance and before paralysis seeped my whole body, I moved hard to knock any man out. But my movement was barely few inches and very weak. Slowly I rolled my body to give weight in my right hand to hold the water jug kept aside my bed. It was the only chance I had. Grab the jug or leave the world. It was a battle of a dying man. And I fought the battle to reach the jug half meter away.

I opened my eyes and looked at it with little hope in me. I tried to drop myself from the bed and as I did I banged the pedestal table with my head and as if the rescue was on my side, the jug displaced itself pouring the water all over my face. The life began to form instantly. I felt huge force of oxygen pumped in releasing the pressure from the chest. I felt life in my tongue as I could take in few drops of water. Numbness in the legs slowly disappeared. I stayed there several minutes without moving. When I made sure my heart was beating rhythmically I slowly stood up and looked into the mirror. I saw my face disfigured, spiritless, pale and hollow eyes. I was looking into the mirror where I saw myself being born again.

As I turned to open the window, I saw the water splashed in the marble floor. I could not think anything further and picked up the jug.

This morning when I opened the faucet I realised how water saved my life. When it hit my bare hands it was not just a one-time saviour but had kept me living for all these years unnoticed to a normal man.


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