Check Check

Sunday, April 11, 2010

They checked my weight when I was fifteen minutes old. They checked my official details at five for admission in the school. They checked my home works, exam cards, answer sheets until I graduated from college. I was again checked and verified to get into a job. I learnt to drive a car and I was checked for driving license by the highway patrol men. I had to work in the office with endless checks from my boss and in the end I had to be checked for auditing. I got stomach pain and doctor checked my blood for examination. The check gates of life influenced much on me that I would not perform anything without doing some tests and checks.

I thought of marriage and wanted the checklist after hearing the evil side of it. I did not get the checklist but I got married. When I got up in the morning of first night with her I checked the bed sheet. I was relieved and did not mind washing it. I felt happy for her vestal modesty and wanted to buy her the gift for being a woman of chaste and becoming a wife of me. I ran down to bank, checked my balance and came back sad.

Routine of daily life consisted the checking of extra wrinkles in the face, grey hair in the head, belly after beer, choosing the fish or meat after somebody rejected in the stalls, tickets in the public transportation, brake fluid, pressure in the wheels, mails in the box, errors in the articles, infidelity suspicions among the spouses, etc.

I met my friend who was considered as virtuous virgin man. I was curious to know whether he got married but I was flatly told he still used his hand. I did not shake hands with him and did not want to check his palms. I met another friend just two days old married to a gorgeous woman he fancied for many years. I touched his nose; it was soft. I touched his arms; they were softer. I could not check the other part but I knew it was hard unlike his nose and arms. I invited him to my place to watch the late night soccer match. He denied and saw how his eyelids were drooped; the checklists I had developed myself over the time. I was happy for him but equally sad when their bed sheet did not need to wash and he did not have to buy gift for her.

I owed a gift to my wife even after two decades of our married life but it was not what I was worried from. Tired of going through sieve of checks in life, I longed for a peaceful death. I would be free from humanly checks until I encountered the Lord of Death with his turn for another round of checks.

(Title as Check Check was used for its beautiful sound)


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