At The Bend

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life unfurls some coincident in our lives, not once but many times. Every time I reach the bend I meet her zooming on the road. I look at her and she looks at me. I am not a good looking human being to get a second glance and next time when she looked at me I thought she was checking if I have changed my gho. As fed up as myself wearing the same gho she must be fed up looking at me. I wear a gho which does not resemble any uniforms of the schools. Even if my dress resembles any uniform of the school she will still not think I can be a student. A high school student can not be aged like me and his head can not be bald. A student can not walk with an unkempt hair with hole in the staggered socks. Even if there is one like me, she will obviously not consider from the timing we meet. My dress neither looks similar to any government offices that mandated their officers to wear uniforms in the town. But that comes as an idea to me. I will not buy school uniforms which my age and bald-head do not permit but buy similar to those officers in town. Then there is little chance she may think if I am employed in that office. I will let her think of it because I will hang my phone at my back like a walk-talkie set. I will think of re-doing my limited hair and purposely wait at the bend to let her see.

So far I feel she is angry with me. After a quick glance at me she pushes the gas pedal hard and speeds away like F1 in a grand prix race. I walk amidst the exhaust fumes wiping my eyes and covering my nose. My legs can not carry me straight and I am tired from the usual drama of life. For how many days, weeks, months and years I have to walk I still do not have a clue. But I think I may have to walk until I can afford to buy another gho for me. When I put on the new dress, I will wait at the bend, look at her and ask for a lift. With me beside her she may not race her car and pollute the exhaust fumes. If she ever asks about me, I will tell her I work in her office as a humble gardener for past few years. They told me she is a good hearted boss and who knows she may buy another gho for me. If she does not ask about me then I remain an officer from office of the dress I wear.


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