Do Not Annoy Me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whenever I am annoyed I live in the world of illusions. When I am annoyed with my girlfriend I start thinking of her very bad. It is the test of my annoyance and I cannot resist thinking how ugly she looks from the hunger of pride and extolment. My mind speaks loud on the characters of her horniness that has attracted me to her and not her inner beauty. I feel like squeaking to her that love at first sight does not showcase the true soul and that I only saw her curvaceous waist. She never seems to get tired of listening how beautiful she is to her world. I have to tell the same thing irrespective of my mood. She must not expect the commendable words when I have the day insulted by my boss.

In the office my boss is equipped to spray insulting and profanity words for any little error on my part. I have acted immune most of the time but when he starts berating me on seniority in the service, I have to think much deeper thoughts. He is senior to me by the virtue he was born before me. In other words he was born before me because his parents made love before I was born. But I cannot warranty his parents made love to bring him on earth. Here I can tell him that I have a chance to score equal or more than him but as usual I choose to live in an illusionary world. If ever he tells me the same thing in bar, I will tell him my mind.

A woman cries in the corner table of a bar. I have come right after another nasty exchange of words with my girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend though. I have no strength to console the woman but she wants me to take her to my home. Her husband has left her for another woman and I start thinking on the reasons behind their separation. My lack of conviction reasoning at that moment: husband must have seen another woman with a curvaceous body or the woman must have expected him the kind words and his boss has also scolded him. My mind is compartmentalized and with few drinks that I share with the woman I have nothing to think beyond what I thought. I can only imagine if she ever thinks she is living in the world of illusions like me.

The father looks at his newborn son and touches his thingy. He can think of how naughty it will be in his adolescent age or whether it can allow him living a faithful husband to his wife. Likewise a father can also see his newborn girl and think on similar line but he dares not. Statutory warning: Do not annoy me when I come to your place to see your newborn child as I may easily enter into my illusionary world.

And the list goes on and on and on.


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