I Am Moon

Sunday, April 11, 2010

During the gestation period the medical reports confirmed I was suffering from Myeloma plasma disorders. It was the rarest blood cancer ever affected to a newborn. The hope kept alive to treat me once I was out from my mother's womb. I spent all my nine months in a maternal ward monitoring my growth and mother's health. On 1st February when I was born I saw the doctors tensed and nurses worried. When I finally made my way to this world there was joy in every face.

I grew up in Intensive Care Unit and I had multiple operations till I was three years old. It was one year later I was finally discharged from the hospital. I was considered stable but guaranteed only few years more.

With lots of relapses and remissions occurring in my life I reached 17 to everyone's surprise. It was a miracle even doctors started believing it. I became normal like any other boy except I was weak and pale.

At 17 I reached class X. It was a dawn of new chapter in my life. She brought me happiness showering full of love. She stood by me during the relapsing time and became an attendant beside my bed. She sent me the cards and through them I was relieved from pain. On my table I would see her flowers that nourished my soul. She was my angel for whom I wanted to live.

But to live was the war I fought alone. Before anything happened to me I needed to express my gratitude for spiritually bringing a life to me. Indeed she was an angel to me.

My angel was little younger than me from the same school. My angel was a lovely girl with a lovely heart. It did not take me long to discover I was in love with her. A day before the winter break I sent her a letter, my only letter expressing my love to her. I told her to look towards the moon whenever she wanted me by her side. I promised to come as moon all through her life.

In January my health deteriorated further. I heard noises around me and I had gone so weak to see who they were. When little sense came to me, I knew I was in ICU with oxygen mask over my face, intravenous therapy fed in my veins and few people sleeping beside me. My movement triggered them when everyone stood up with faceless expressions staring at me. They were my parents, few nurses and beside them was my angel looking at me. I tried to wave my hand but I simply could not. She understood my gesture, came to me and touched my hand. And next my memories started to faint, the lights went dim; I felt heaviness in body and went in coma until 1st February.

On 1st February I was drifting towards the silver moon. There was no oxygen mask over my face and no IV in my veins. The cold air brushed my face as grasses and branches gave way to dance under moonlight. Everything went still. Valley was looking beautiful under the beam of moonlight as mountains humbly snored below the chilling air. When I reached at a height I saw the moon as clear as my lovely people on earth. There was not a hint I had to go back and join my people when the moon embraced me with its arms and took further up.

On earth I breathed the last, on the day I breathed my first.


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