Jiba And Bi

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jiba, a fine young man saw how he shaped up to a big man. He remembered how small he was when he played with himself. He did not have a friend and until he went to school he did not have proper clothes to cover his body. When he was in teens he started to act abnormal with frequent change in color and shape. It usually happened when he thought of Bi, a young girl of his age.

Bi had a crush on Jiba. She manifested to different characters whenever she thought of him. She had grown dark with distorted shape from once pink and intact shape. She also behaved abnormally even to think of Jiba. When she started to twist and elongate her body, it was the time she needed Jiba by her side.

Jiba on the other hand had grown tall, muscular, energetic and black. The size of the cloth never fit him. As much as he wanted to get new size he wanted to stay without it for his Bi. He was in love with Bi and planned to propose to her.

Bi was a happy girl when he came to her. Their unusual characters of changing shapes and color started to act. They did not take much time when both of them started to take their clothes off. Bi greeted him while he offered his friendship. They expressed their love silently hiding from the world and further promised to continue their relationship forever.

So Jiba met Bi and became inseparable from their lives. They lived happily helping each other by changing their body color and taking irregular shapes; two unusually common couple on earth.

P.S. Jiba and Bi are the terms for male and female parts respectively in Bjami language.


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