Me And My Silly Thoughts

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One sided street of Thimphu town offers me a platform to act and think. A bag in the hand and doma in the mouth will let people think I am on serious shopping spree. I cannot say I am on shopping if people frisk me and see how much money I have in my hand. As far there is no scanning instrument to expose money behind my clothes I have the liberty to act a serious customer. This one sided street is also a haven to meet your old friends. When I do not have money I cannot buy them beer. And when I do not have money I cannot take from them either. Likewise I have lost many offer of beer and they lost my offer too. But it is nice to meet your old friends.

Once I met an old friend whom I thought he was dead. I was very happy to see him alive although I could not buy him beer. Then I thought how much happy people would be to meet dead ones come alive. I would love to meet my forefathers and prove their hypothesis wrong. I want to tell them that my generation is not a generation of evil and iniquities. During their coevals they predicted a time where people can reach different places without having to walk; they called it as Armageddon's day. I will jostle and let them sit in my old Bolero and take them for a ride from North to South of Thimphu town, thus proving their hypothesis wrong. After allowing them to talk with their village folks through my mobile phone, I will tell them there is never an Armageddon's day.

A pat on my shoulder brought me to senses. I saw my forefathers had already left me. I could have at least offered them the beer. I knew they would not take it but who had the money anyway.

In the evening I was deeply cogitating on their theories and hypothesis. They predicted advancement of science but their ordinariness and cognitive minds could not let them see further. If whatever they said held truth then I wanted to augur in my generation also. I deliberated some deep thinking and concluded that a time will come where one can take cell phones with the dead. It looks funny to me now but my forefathers' prediction was funny too.

Considering it holds truth I want to buy a land very, very far from Thimphu where this generation will not think there can be settlement in the area anytime from now. It will be very cheap or I may get even free of cost. Who knows another generation might predict the incarnation and bring us back? And that time I can fulfill my present dream of owning a land and selling at higher price.


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