My Legs

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It was 4A.M Saturday morning when I finally switched off the television and living room light. I washed my feet and slipped quietly behind my wife.

I was three years old when the cutis of legs skin got affected from lesion disease. Both my legs were draped with rashes and wounds. My parents got worried over their son and took me far and wide for varieties of treatments. Nothing worked and some doctors advised amputation was the only option left. It meant they would remove my legs and I would be limped in my life. They did not heed the advice and left on my own.

They admitted me in the school. I could not walk and I was carried by my brother. Their endurance over me was beyond everything. They loved me more than anyone else and while I reached class VIII my legs started to function like any normal legs. The love of my parents, relatives, teachers and friends were the magic behind my health.I could set my foot on the ground and when I completed the marathon race I got a standing ovation in the school.

I was travelling to North England on loan. He made me play in the mid field and when I scored few goals I was named as the attacking mid fielder. My Bhutanese name was found difficult to pronounce and they adverted it to Cesc Fabrigas. It was weird how I was given the Spanish name but I liked it anyway. When I saw fans wearing my name in the jersey I was simply overwhelmed from joy. I practiced hard at Emirates and wanted to win any cups in England. My greatest enthusiasm to play against Man United grew more and the club boss praised my energy. I was linked to Nou Camp and even at Santiago Bernabeu but I had settled in Emirates and I did not want to leave my friends. It would be hard to leave Arsenal and the very thought saddened me. I was sad.

"Get up!" shouted my wife. It was noon when I woke up. She said it was time for weekend shopping. Lazily I got up. At the water tap, while I finished brushing the teeth, I remembered my dream. Opening the water tap, I washed my feet and saw my lanky limbs in shape.

My legs did not kick the ball and I was not even near to the soccer game. But I admired my legs.

They would not have kicked the ball in Emirate Stadium but they sure hit the pedals of office cars.

My legs have helped feeding me and my wife.


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