A Pain

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It is almost a week feeling pain in my bottom derriere. There is constant infliction when I sit for long hours. The pain has bothered me while walking. My straight majestically loping walk has turned like a stoned dog running sluggishly. My military physique gives way to a drunkard road. My face has gone sheepish and even the gel in my head is drying soon. If you think I look like having constipation irregularity you are almost near.

While I discussed about it with my friends they told me I am suffering from piles. Each shared their own expertise and in the end I just knew they all had one in their lives. This forced me to laugh but I had to control in mid way because laughing comes with pain. Actually every state of expression comes with pain. Laughing, coughing, farting, forcing while evacuating; everything is attached with pain. Piles is painful, they told me. Piles is painful, I agree them.

I never get chance to log in and chat with the members. When I got one yesterday she asked me "how are you?" It must have been a formality but pudding head like me told every detail of my symptoms. She got bull's eye in the diagnosis and shared me medical tips. I thanked her for her concerns but I controlled to think if she too had one. I could not dare to have another pain.

Her knowledge of chronic piles to put the rectum back was very painful. I thought I should seek the medical expertise in the hospital. Thinking of hospital came as relief until I remembered the location of piles. Why do piles have to come in this place? I better not think, even thinking may be painful, I dare not take chance. The pain I have now is all I can bear.

I have learned enough on the dietary controls from my friends. I have to leave most of my favorite dishes; pork, potato, tomato, ara. It is sad I am at last forced to leave ara. I take it all the time. My wife gave up telling me. She wanted to take me to Dechenphug and I honestly declined for the legacy of an indigene of most Sharchokpa won't live without ara.

But now I have to stop taking ara and I take pledge I am as aborigine as any other Sharchop. The emotions in leaving my favorite drink come as nothing different from losing my unrequited love to a popular boy in school. Their relationship did not last long which means the afflicting piles will soon leave me and I will be back to my favorite drink.


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