A Stone

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We stopped at the Gup's office for official purposes. I helped carrying the handouts and handed over to a lady Geog Administration Officer. She thanked me with an uneasiness of obedience and deference. I felt my self-esteemed rise but I had to blush since she must have misunderstood me as one of the officers. She was a beautiful officer worth looking at her again unnoticed to her though. If only I was more educated I would have had words to speak to her on any topic. Education became important in that particular moment.

I got my education from nearby school and I was lucky when my boss granted an hour leave. I rushed to my school to see the changes and have nostalgic feelings. Lots of changes had taken place with new buildings and trees grown tall. With the students in vacation it looked more deserted and soulless. I got down from my vehicle and walked few meters when I saw it; a stone.

It stood same and nothing had changed near to it. Instantly I remembered about it and how it helped me to pass my matriculation.

I was not an industrious student but Dzongkha was my difficult subject. For once I felt I had to study hard when the exams was knocking right at the door. I got up early in the morning and headed towards the stone. I climbed over it and managed to grasp few chapters. It was almost a wizard when I saw myself understanding everything I learned on it.

The exams came. It was a Dzongkha paper and my body skin was covered with goose bumps that one might even mistake a chicken before curry. Nervous and spooky I sat for the paper and few minutes before writing time I was able to answer any questions in it. The magic of stone had blessed me and whatever I learned on it was right before my eyes.

I passed the exams and got in another school. But sadly I failed from class 12 the reason I would not dare to share here. Perhaps I was never to find the similar stone in my new school.

I joined my officers in the Gups' office and we reached Kanglung. Sherubtse College had to give many stories to my passengers. Each shared the anecdote and narrated their reminiscences. I had become a complete mute not from speech but from my heart. The pain of not being able to learn in Sherubtse was tremendous.

Few minutes on and after relieving from nature call we were on road again.

As I started the engine I searched for a particular stone near the college gate. I saw none and knew I was never meant to be there.



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